303, 2018

Give the Gift of Hope

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Spring Has a New Song There is a new Song coming in March that provides help, healing and hope. Lexington based Amazon #1 Bestselling Author Michelle Renée Chudy breaks the silence of pregnancy loss and miscarriage grief. Her newest book Song of the Barren: Miscarriages to Miracles releases in eBook March 5th and print format March 8, 2018. This inspirational book brings hope to those devastated by miscarriage [...]

1502, 2018

Announcing the Arrival of Song of the Barren

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Hey there! I have a very special announcement that I want to share. Today marks the end to a three-year journey to birth my third baby…my third book Song of the Barren - Miscarriages to Miracles. Three-years ago today I started writing this book. And today I hold in my hand the printed proof. Watch the video below to get all of the awesome details of why the timing of [...]

2204, 2017

When the Savior Doesn’t Save

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I took a heart punch recently. Trust... Like a blow out of nowhere, it literally took my breath away and made me want to wretch. It was the kind of hit that slips behind the shield and under the armor. I was angry, grieved, and utterly in shock. I entrusted my greatest fear to Jesus, believing He would be the wall between, and it happened anyway. He allowed it. Even though [...]

1902, 2017

Are You One?

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Missing. Gone. Whereabouts unknown… It’s considered an occupational risk, with rippling effects.  Missing, gone, whereabouts unknown.  For the 83,000 since World War II, there is still no account.  They are the Missing in Action (MIA) of our service men and women who are reportedly 14-19% of the casualties of the larger wars. Missing in Action...  Their absence not only brought a void in the hearts of the people who love [...]

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