Spring Has a New Song

Song of the Barren: Miscarriages to Miracles Gives the Gift of Hope

There is a new Song coming in March that provides help, healing and hope. Lexington based Amazon #1 Bestselling Author Michelle Renée Chudy breaks the silence of pregnancy loss and miscarriage grief. Her newest book Song of the Barren: Miscarriages to Miracles releases in eBook March 5th and print format March 8, 2018. This inspirational book brings hope to those devastated by miscarriage grief. It gives pregnancy loss a voice.

Song of the Barren Gives the Gift of Hope

A personal story of multiple miscarriage heartbreak, it invites the reader to heal and hope through the song of a miracle pregnancy, and personal stories of other pregnancy loss survivors.

Not only a book to read, it begs to be embraced as a restoration journey through grief exercises that serve up comfort to those who mourn the loss of their heaven-born babes. It names frustrations and heartaches that are experienced, but never voiced. This book is a ready resource to those giving pregnancy loss support and counseling to grieving families. Song of the Barren offers suggestions and sources to facilitate healing through community support.

In the United States, one in four women experience miscarriage in their life. That is two thousand women per day, 700,000 per year – one-fourth of all females in this country – who lose a baby to pregnancy loss. Stillbirth effects about one percent of all pregnancies, and each year about 24,000 babies are stillborn in the United States.

Sadly, most survivors don’t disclose their loss mostly because society hasn’t given permission. It’s an uncomfortable topic. They reenter every-day-life without pause to mourn or admittance of loss, and weep in silence for years. Silence masks the well of devastation and hopelessness. The emotional, psychological and physical impacts are often dealt with in isolation. To provide necessary support and resources to those in need there must be education, awareness, but mostly acknowledgement of the depth of grief. So, how do you help? What can be done to facilitate the healing process? Break the silence. Whether as a friend, family member, workplace environment or church organization, you can be an agent of healing by offering a safe place to grieve. Give the gift of hope through the book Song of the Barren: Miscarriages to Miracles available in eBook and print formats at www.songofthebarren.com

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