It was pure heartbreak. When I was a small child around, somewhere around seven-years-old, my heart was broken. I had a dream and life tried to kill it. It happened during the spring of that year. I was excited because it was time for who I knew I was to be revealed. Deep down in my heart, I knew it, and I was sure. I was born to be one! My sister was one, and it made perfect sense in my young mind that if she was…I was. My greatest desire was to have the world know, too, and reveal that I was indeed a Mighty Midget.
See these Mighty Midgets were the cheerleaders for my elementary school, dubbed by some sarcastic adult trying to be funny. I can still hear the chant echoing in my head, which I yearned to scream while dressed in my blue and white uniform, Stop, Look and Listen! Here come the Mighty Midgets!! Yeah, I know…sick humor, right? The humor went over my head at the time. To me it wasn’t a “punny” cheer, but the anthem of my life’s call. And then life struck.
With great confidence I approached tryouts that spring never doubting who I was. One, by one, my friends heard their name announced. I sat, and waited, knowing mine was next. You can only imagine my surprise when I didn’t hear mine. I couldn’t believe it. They must have made a mistake. Forlorn, I went home and secretly cried. And then I got mad.
For the next six years, with dogged determination, I pursued my identity as a Mighty Midget. Each year I tried out, and each year I was told no. And then the year came when I got my yes, and they finally realized who I truly was meant to be. I made the squad and got to cheer for 8th grade, and…I hated it! I wasn’t flexible, and all of that jumping. I felt like a poser, a fraud.
What I finally realized after achieving my “dream”, was I had it all wrong. I wasn’t a cheerleader, but an athlete with talent for basketball, softball and volleyball. It was discovered during my season of no’s. I wasn’t flexible, but I was really fast, and coordinated with quick reflexes. I flowed and excelled when I played sports, but felt forced and awkward when I cheered. My dream didn’t match God’s design for me and my resolve forced a false identity. To make matters worse, I was duped by determination which bulldozed over the authentic me.
So, let me ask you…do you know your real identity and the Master’s design for you? Or are you a disillusioned athlete pursuing the life of a Mighty Midget while blinded by determination? Do you know your calling and purpose for God? If you don’t, start your journey of personal discovery and get your copy of my latest book The House of You: Built for a Purpose. Structured for His Plan to help you discover your spiritual DNA. You can also receive training to equip you for your calling. Register here for a free 30-day Kingdom Builders Academy Boot Camp to prepare for your destiny.