Victim or thief?

Identity theft.  With high stakes and the ever increasing ways to commit it, research shows that our choices contribute to the heist.  We even position ourselves for greater damage.  Because we don’t take steps to protect ourselves or trust the ones who want to help, we are vulnerable to attack.  We reject services offered to equip us.  A reported $112 billion ($35,600 per minute) was stolen over the past six years, and 13.1 million fell victim to fraud and identity theft.  The big question is, are you a fraud victim or guilty like the thief?

Identity theft has eternal consequences…

Has your identity been compromised?  If so, did you aid and abet the heist?  Have you committed fraud?  This is not about your moniker while wearing your flesh-suit, but your God-given identity.  Are you living as the person He made you to be?  Before God knit you in your mother’s womb, He planned who you are and made you according to your calling.  He equipped you with gifts, talents, strengths, and much more so you can fulfill your purpose for His kingdom while you’re still on earth.

Theft can be devastating, if committed against the identity of a Christian.
Theft that is damaging in the natural can be devastating, if committed against the identity of a Christian.  It has eternal consequences.  When we don’t walk in our God-given identity, whether by commission or omission, we are committing fraud.  With the reported amount fraudsters stole via “earthly” identity theft, you could pay for four years of college in only four minutes.  But God only knows that value of our stolen inheritance, when we don’t live how He designed.

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