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Author Tammi Culmann Reveals Hello is My Friend

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the LAUNCH Book Hello is My FriendIf you are looking for a friend to bring home, one who will make you laugh,inspire, and tell you like it is, you have found it. Hello Is My Friend is a real, raw story of letting joy shine in all opportunities of your life–even in your fears, those moments of put your fingers in your ears and cover your eyes, when we need to fight for what we want and who we are.

Life is not about living in fear, it is about overcoming it. Overcoming to joy simply begins when we say hello. When the undesirable happens, we can choose to sulk away or we can choose to use it. Tammi does just that. And she shares how she overcame trials in her own life pursuing success as an entrepreneur and founder of a 501(c)(3).

Yes, we have been blessed with gifts, It is our own responsibility to put our gifts to use. Seeds are planted in every moment of every day leading us to water and shine joy on those seeds. When we take ownership of our actions, our gifts will bloom.

A flower doesn’t bloom without work. It has a beginning of a conversation. Speaking the word “Hello.”

When you need a healing moment, it is time to say Hello. You may be surprised with the response.

Take this journey with Tammi. Let’s say “Hello” together.

Michelle Chudy Marketing MentorThis book is such a unique way to tell a life story and how God restores. The approach is disarming, but the content is powerfully transparent. From start to finish you can see how the author’s truth is healed through a relationship with Jesus. I was blessed by the testimony and guidance to a richer and fuller life regardless of circumstances. Hello is My Friend joyfully shines with His glory!

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Tammi Culmann is a Spiritual Coach for Purposeful Living who helps women with healthier body, minds and spirit, relationships,finances and lifestyles so they can cleanse, balance and build with the purpose for their lives in God’s way.

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