Missing. Gone. Whereabouts unknown…

It’s considered an occupational risk, with rippling effects.  Missing, gone, whereabouts unknown.  For the 83,000 since World War II, there is still no account.  They are the Missing in Action (MIA) of our service men and women who are reportedly 14-19% of the casualties of the larger wars.

Missing in Action… 

Their absence not only brought a void in the hearts of the people who love them, but also gaping holes in their assigned units.  Expertise vanished.  Strength in numbers diminished.  Positions left unoccupied resulted in increased workload and greater risk for those who remained.  The ones who counted on them to protect their back, were now exposed.  The MIA impact was so great millions of dollars were spent to bring them home, eventually resulting in the establishment of the POW/MIA Accounting Agency.

Military or not, we are all affected by MIAs.  You’re either the one still fighting or the one missing.  If you are a Christ follower, then you are a Soldier.  You have specific gifts, talents, strengths and skills for a purpose that only you can fill for His kingdom plan.  Don’t be listed as a kingdom MIA.  Pursue your purpose by knowing your God-given identity and walking in it.  Get equipped and fight for His kingdom and His glory.



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