Michelle Chudy is the #1 marketing mentor & success coach for Christian entrepreneurs

It takes more than vision to get your business off the ground …

If you want your dream to turn into business, you need Spirit-led coaching! If you’ve built it and are at the now what phase—or maybe you’ve launched but fell short of your goals—Michelle has your success solutions! She is an activator, business innovator, a strategic planner and a marketing expert, Michelle Chudy makes business and marketing easy, and a kingdom purpose-driven business your why.

Professional Summary

The launchpad for Christian entrepreneurs and marketplace champions, Lexington, Kentucky based marketing mentor and certified coach Michelle Chudy accelerates her clients past their dreams and vision to breakthrough results. She achieves this with purpose-driven business strategies centered on unique market positioning. She brings life to business! Michelle helps Christian professionals discover their spiritual DNA and God-given identity, so they can live their purpose — in life and business.

Michelle’s mission or “why” is to equip the saints.  She helps people discover their Master’s design so they can be empowered in their calling, flow in their gifts and strengths, and live the purpose God designed — only for them — in every area of life. Michelle applies a dynamic approach and transformational solutions to both individual and business clients through integrated coaching and prophetic insights.

A two-time #1 bestselling author, Michelle is the author of the Amazon three-category #1 bestseller The House of You:  Built for a Purpose. Structured for His Plan., The Battle of Surrender:  One Woman’s Journey to Sacrifice, and the Amazon five-category #1 new release of Song of the Barren:  Miscarriages to Miracles.  She is an international business trainer and marketing executive with a professional career spanning over 25 years in corporate, government, nonprofit and ministry assignments. In 2008 Michelle began her life coach career helping numerous clients break through frustration and feeling stuck to live a life of purpose and empowered in their calling.

Known for excellence in business and marketing operations, Michelle has extensive experience in retail marketing, strategic planning, brand management, operations, business development and executive leadership.  Her key roles include: Corporate Company Officer; Vice President of Marketing; Senior Brand Manager; Fortune 200 Sales and Marketing Business Innovator; Chief Marketing Officer; Division Chief; and Deputy Chief of Staff. She also proudly served our country for 22 years and is a retired Army Reserve Officer.

Michelle is passionate about helping clients thrive at what they do best. Mixed with innovation, encouragement and a whole lot of inspiration, her unique style blends decades of marketing and business experience with prophetic coaching and mentoring. And as a master business trainer, Michelle breaks success down into easy-action steps that positions you to accelerate in your niche, so you can release your message to the world!

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  • Private Sessions
  • Group Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Entrepreneur Activation Calls
  • Seminars & Workshops
  • Empowerment & Hindrance Assessments
  • Spiritual DNA Analysis
  • Purpose Mapping
  • Generational Stronghold/Mantle Mapping

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  • Brainstorming & Concepting
  • Brand Assessment & Management
  • Business Development
  • Corporate Sponsorship Partnerships
  • Customer/User Experience Mapping
  • Event Planning/Marketing
  • Marketing Plans
  • Retail Marketing
  • Strategic Planning
  • SWOT (Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities &  Threats) Assessments
  • Vision Casting

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  • Book Signings
  • Guest Appearances
  • Meet & Greet
  • Promotions
  • Select Endorsements
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Special Events
  • Workshops

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  • Guest/Small Venue
  • Keynote
  • Industry Speaker
  • Seminar Leader
  • Trainer
  • Workshop Facilitator

Michelle’s primary topics focus on identity, purpose, destiny, legacy and empowered living.  Custom topics are available upon request, if supported by Michelle’s expertise.

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Fee Schedule

Personal Coaching

$3,000-10,8001 or 2 Sessions Monthly
  • 6 Month Commitment Required

Group Coaching

$650-1,170Weekly 1-hour Call
  • 6 Month Commitment Required

Mentoring Accountability Call

  • 6 Month Commitment Required

Catalyst Coaching

$17590-minute Session
  • Get Activated & Unstuck

Scorecard Consultation

$15060-minute Session
  • Business Review & Success Rating
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Transformation begins with you!

It starts with a decision, but is only realized through action. Even the smallest actions can affect change.

The way we start doesn’t have to be the way we end.  Transformation happens when the right conditions are met and ours simply starts with a decision …  a choice to know, understand and grow into who we are made to be, and then do what He designed us to do.  With Michelle Chudy as your certified coach you’ll find clarity.

So ask yourself these questions…

  • Are you content or do you yearn for something more?

  • Do you know your purpose & passion?

  • What are your natural gifts, talents & strengths?

  • Do you play a part in God’s plan & know your role?

  • What is your legacy & imprint on this world?

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“You have confirmed all my own thoughts and beliefs and you have helped me when I needed a different perspective…I love that you help to feed my soul and you also redirect me if I am heading the wrong way or just taking a path that takes longer to get to where I am going.”
Rebecca Blackburn, Business Owner
“Michelle is one of those rare individuals that balances aggressive goals and timelines with the ability to put you at ease. You always feel like a respected partner when working with Michelle. She has a keen ability to inject a healthy dose of common sense into whatever she’s working on. It’s been a pleasure to work with Michelle and I look forward to working with her again in the future.”
Peter Curtiss, Director of Digital Marketing
“Your willingness to be open and share and just be a friend was more than I could expect. I am happier, seeking my purpose and I have lost my fears. You truly are an amazing woman. Thank you for everything!! For helping me to research my gifts.”
Maggie Ciolek, Inside Sales Representative
“Michelle is the kind of savvy marketing and communications professional you want and need on your team. She is smart, aggressive and a joy to work with because she knows what she’s doing and always delivers exceptional results. Clone her and we can conquer the world.”
Michael F. Kelly, Assistant VP Military Advocacy
“Michelle has the ability to take a broad vision for a project or initiative, and break it down into clear goals, objectives, and tactics. What is more amazing is that she can do the exact same with a person, which is a tremendous gift and skill-set that can be useful to individuals, leaders, and dreamers from all walks of life. Michelle is capable of listening to and interpreting an individual’s or organization’s broad vision, while helping them to create a strategic pathway to obtain their dreams. She recognizes untapped skills and opportunities within individuals and organizations, while uncovering how to fully develop and capitalize upon them. This is a remarkable gift that I’ve seen her leverage over-and-over. After a brief conversation with Michelle, it is definitely evident that she *truly* knows her stuff…
Dr. William Quisenberry, President
“You constantly encourage me to press in to hear the heart of Jesus in the roles that I walk in. You remind me of the strengths you see in me.”
Stephanie Dalton, Executive Pastor
“Michelle is strategic marketing professional with tremendous knowledge about Military markets. Her strategic and creative skills allow her to continuously deliver high quality marketing communications that align within client and corporate goals. In addition to her work ethic, she is a great team player who is always willing to peer coach to help her colleagues deliver top quality work and become better people both professionally and personally. It would be my pleasure to work along side Michelle in the near future.”
Natassha Ahuja, Director of Business Solutions
“I worked with Michelle during my time at Deutsch advertising. She was my client on the USAA business. Michelle and I worked on several campaigns together. She was a pleasure to work with. She understands marketing, and also genuinely comprehends the dynamic and challenges that a creative advertising agency brings to the table. I was most impressed with Michelle during our week or so working together on a comprehensive photo shoot in the Bay area, during which time our charge was to replenish USAA’s stock photo inventory for all advertising and collateral materials moving forward. Her knowledge of the nuances of military haircuts, posture, and wardrobe was striking, and her ability to connect with our “cast of thousands” of models and actors without ever betraying that she was in fact the client, were terrific. She has an eye for detail, and for creativity. Any company would be lucky to have her on their staff.”
Filip Originar, Business Leader
“You told me that some things are worth giving your life for — to be honor bound by grace to a greater cause. In order to hold territory, sometimes we have to lay down our lives. This imparted bravery and an understanding of the very real battle we are in as Christians. When you teach or I read your writings, I feel like I am getting a briefing for a military maneuver and I am equipped with understanding and spiritual tactics through the name and blood Jesus to combat the enemy successfully.”
Tara Offutt, MBA & Stay at Home Mom
“Michelle is a visionary leader, who’s strategic and technical competence ensure success with any assigned project. Her organizational skills, attention to detail and disciplined approach to meeting requirements and timelines are unmatched. Michelle’s military and corporate experiences make her a valuable asset to any organization. She is extremely loyal, confident, personable and she has my highest recommendation.”
Eric Benken, Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force #12
“I had the honor of working with Michelle at two different installations and she still amazes me with her dedication and goal-oriented achievements.

Michelle has a unique ability to inspire those she leads, while encouraging her subordinates through the usage of creative motivational techniques. Her uncanny creativity and ability to think outside the box has lead her division to achieve many awards and accolades.

Michelle also took the time to mentor many proteges throughout her career. I’m grateful to Michelle for guiding me to greater success in my own career. She has constantly been a source of inspiration to me and I give her my highest recommendation!”

Lori Gaff, Graphic Designer & Aviator
“Michelle was the consummate professional. She was energetic, creative, a great organizer, a superlative leader, a master presenter, and a joy to work with. I would hire her again without reservation. Never had a better Marketing and Advertising Chief, before or since!”
Michael Dutcher, Independent Military Professional

“I’ve never had more clarity of purpose and vision and understanding than I do right now after a short time with you this morning. I look forward to working with you as you help us maximize this amazing journey.”

Todd Avery, Co-Principal/Wealth Strategist, Accelerated Wealth