Dynamic Growth Group Coaching


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Weekly 1 hour group coaching call.

Whether in life or business … success starts on the inside. If you’re looking for peace, fulfillment or alignment with destiny then you must know, be, then do. If you want to discover who God created you to be, how to leverage your gifts and find your place in the world — this group is for you!


Start the journey to jump-start your calling and find clarity of purpose, with Dynamic Growth Group Coaching. Experience accelerated growth with like-minded people. Learn to release your gifting and flow for breakthrough results and champion performance.

Sessions topics may include: structural components of your spiritual house; how to establish a solid foundation and discover your spiritual gift mix to discern your calling; how to evaluate the framework of your life, along with strengths and talents, that position you for your kingdom role; and critical insights to your personality and identity; how they impact achievement of your destiny; and monetization in your clearly defined and assigned niche.

Weekly 1-hour group coaching call.

Group Coaching Benefits:

– Accelerated Growth

– Affordable & Time Efficient

– Collaboration with Like-minded People

– Coach & Peer Feedback

– Confidence in your gifts and calling

– Group Think-tank Innovation & Creativity

– Interactive & Fun

Six-month commitment required.


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