Marketing Mentoring & Accountability Call


You built it … now what?

If you’re struggling to put your business into action, don’t let marketing your dream keep you frustrated and stuck. If you’re ready to launch, grow your business and overcome your fear of marketing, join this group coaching call with #1 Marketing Mentor and Success Coach Michelle Chudy!


Because sometimes you just need a little clarity, accountability or help from someone who has successfully walked the same path. 

This group coaching call is marketing and business motivation, mentoring and accountability mixed with Michelle Chudy’s prophetic insights during weekly teleconference calls. Ask your questions, give accountability progress reports and benefit from group dynamics of like-minded people in a Spirit-led atmosphere.

For business clients, Michelle brings a robust resume with tried-and-true skill sets.  She is a certified business coach and consultant.  With over 25 years of experience in retail marketing, corporate sponsorship partnerships, event marketing, brand management, strategic planning, operations, business development, innovation and executive leadership, Michelle helps clients maximize resources through innovative solutions.

– Weekly 1-hour group call

– Conducted via teleconference

– Cost is less than $25 per call with discount applied for annual purchase

– 6-month commitment required

This is the best accountability call I have had that really stirred my spirit and spoke to my soul. Michelle, you are truly a GIFT from God and an ANOINTED minister of God. You are one of the best spirit-filled entrepreneurs I have come across. Thank you.

David Annoh, M.D. | Pastor, Founder & President

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