Break the silence of pregnancy loss & miscarriage. Give hope to those who mourn. - Song of the Barren: Miscarriages to Miracles

Song of the Barren: Miscarriages to Miracles brings healing and hope to those devastated by miscarriage grief. It gives pregnancy loss a voice and the survivor permission to grieve. As Michelle Chudy shares her heartbreak of multiple miscarriages, she invites you to heal and hope through the song of her miracle pregnancy, and personal stories of other survivors. Mothers and Fathers open their hearts to share their infertility struggles, and precious memories of their heaven-born children through miscarriage or stillbirth.
Not only a book to read, Song of the Barren begs to be embraced as a healing journey through grief exercises that will serve up comfort and healing to those who mourn the loss of their heaven-born babes. It identifies frustrations and heartaches that are experienced, but never voiced. This book is a ready resource to those providing pregnancy loss support and counseling to grieving families. Song of the Barren offers ministry suggestions and sources to facilitate healing through community support.