Strawberry Farmer ArtNot your typical artist, Creative Entrepreneur & Artist Michelle Chudy mixes innovation, inspiration and the grace to become in everything she creates.

This portfolio displays pieces from Michelle’s Artwork Archive collections with opportunity to purchase originals and prints. Some paintings are available in additional color expressions as prints. Learn more about each piece by clicking on each painting. And if you are curious about the why behind the name of Strawberry Farmer Art scroll down to the artist bio.

Michelle Chudy
Michelle ChudyArtist & Owner
Hello! I am Michelle Chudy the founder of Strawberry Farmer Art, a creative entrepreneurial brand who creates art to inspire souls to be who they are made to be and encourages each one to discover God-given gifts and dreams.

I also teach fun art with mobile paint parties!

From fun to fine art, my work, colors and style are an eclectic expression of life’s journey done mostly in watercolor, with an occasional appearance of oils and acrylic. They evolve from permission of the grace I have given myself to learn and become. I have discovered there are no mistakes — just underpaintings waiting for embellishments. As a noticer, inspiration comes from God’s hidden gems that I choose to see.

So why the Strawberry Farmer Art name? Trust me it is not about painting berries because they are REALLY HARD to paint! It’s about the dreams of a five-year-old girl who lost herself along the way. From my earliest aspirations to be an artist and a strawberry farmer I can now say I have finally achieved them both.