16 04, 2018

The House of You Author Interview

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Do you need some HOPE built into your HOUSE? Tune in to Hope is Here.Today at 99.1 FM THIS WEEK. Repeat guest Author Michelle Chudy shares how with 7 Key components from The House of You.

25 04, 2017

House of You Identity Discovery Tools Teleseminar

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Michelle Chudy Live! presents The House of You - Identity Discovery Tools Teleseminar on tools and critical components that make the House of You. Discover your Spiritual DNA to find your God-given identity, purpose and plan.

19 02, 2017

Are You One?

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Missing. Gone. Whereabouts unknown… It’s considered an occupational risk, with rippling effects.  Missing, gone, whereabouts unknown.  For the 83,000 since World War II, there is still no account.  They are the Missing in Action (MIA) of our service men and women who are reportedly 14-19% of the casualties of the larger wars. Missing in Action...  Their [...]

13 02, 2017

How to Catch a Thief

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Victim or thief? Identity theft.  With high stakes and the ever increasing ways to commit it, research shows that our choices contribute to the heist.  We even position ourselves for greater damage.  Because we don’t take steps to protect ourselves or trust the ones who want to help, we are vulnerable to attack.  We reject services [...]

22 11, 2016

Bethel Harvest Church Gift Offer

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Identity. Purpose. Destiny. You Were Made for MORE... Discover Your Story! This gift is a limited offer and only available to Bethel Harvest Church Attendees. To help you on your journey to find your God-given purpose, a complimentary eBook of "The House of You: Built for a Purpose. Structured for His Plan." is available now through [...]

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