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Simply Engaging!

Michelle’s style is conversational, upfront and personal as she encourages you to live your purpose. Humor, truth, insight and depth are delivered page after page!


Authentic & Inspiring

From facilitator to keynote, Michelle engages audiences with authenticity, relevance and passion. Her topics focus on identity, purpose and destiny to include empowered living.


Marketing & Innovation

A certified business coach, Michelle has extensive corporate experience in retail marketing, brand management, strategic planning, business development and innovation.


Identity. Purpose. Destiny.

Michelle helps unfulfilled believers discover their God-given identity so they can walk the path of destiny. She is like an investigator who solves the case of you!
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Stuck in transition?

Get Certified Business Coach Michelle Chudy's dynamic coaching with transformational solutions that facilitates fresh perspective and growth. Michelle is passionate about helping clients thrive at what they do best, finding their niche, and transforming business challengers into market champions!
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Start the journey today to discover the authentic you!

Do you know your true identity and the Master’s design for you? What is your calling and purpose for your business… for God? If you don’t know, start your journey of personal discovery to find your spiritual DNA and get equipped for your calling. Christian Author, Certified Business Coach, and Life Coach Michelle Chudy brings clarity through integrated coaching and helps you find your life’s purpose and business niche.
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Transformation starts with a decision


The way we start doesn’t have to be the way we end.  With an acorn, transformation only happens if the right conditions are met…water, soil, nutrients, sun, shade, season, etc.  Our transformation simply starts with a decision.  A choice to know, understand and grow into who we are made to be, and then do what He designed us to do.  With Michelle Chudy as your life coach you’ll find clarity.So ask yourself these questions…

  • Are you content or do you yearn for something more?
  • Do you know your purpose and passion?
  • What are your natural gifts, talents and strengths?
  • Do you play a part in God’s plan and know your role?
  • What is your legacy and imprint on this world?

Find your calling

Your life is yours to live, but you must account for your days.  You are made for a purpose and structured for a plan…His.  It’s your responsibility to find out what that plan and your part is.  Discover your spiritual DNA that God designed specifically for your purpose to fulfill your calling.Discover your spiritual DNA

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